At the [zait wa: zaʕtar] Festival, audiences are invited to dive with us into the diverse and vibrant culture as it is alive in Palestine and its diasporic communities today.

The [zait wa: zaʕtar] Festival for Palestinian Arts & Culture will be a meeting of hearts and minds: to meet to talk about films, exhibitions, literature, music and much more. We will be presenting narratives less explored, like the vital role Palestinian literature plays in preserving diasporic as well as Palestinian identities. Like the importance of archives and memory for preserving a collective identity. The meaning of food for constituting and expressing one’s identity. How performing parkour is an acrobatic, artistic and meaningful way to claim one’s right to freedom of movement.

In this way, live audiences in Berlin, and digital audiences elsewhere, will have the opportunity to expand their imaginations and thoughts on Palestine and Palestinians.

Come and join us in celebrating Palestinian voices and presence at the [zait wa: zaʕtar] Festival for Palestinian Arts & Culture!

Due to the current covid-19-related contact restrictions being in place, most of the festival needs to be postponed or move online.
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Despite the difficult situation the pandemic enforces on us, we are doing our utmost to make the festival happen – we found alternative (bigger) venues, changed the itinerary, adapted to special covid-19-related requirements, and are making the festival accessible for Covid-19 risk groups and a wider audience by filming, streaming and recording – so please help us making it to the finishing line by supporting the [zait wa: zaʕtar] Festival for Palestinian Arts and Culture with a donation today!

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The Ibn Rushd Fund e.V., our parent organization, is collecting and managing the all donations.


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