November 14

Exhibition Opening ‘Eyes of Gaza’ in Gaza

Photography Exhibition Opening In Gaza Saturday  | 15:00 | Jooj Gallery Learn More
November 15

Panel: Silences & Words

The Meaning of Writing and Reading Palestinian Literature Now

In cooperation with PalREAD FU

Sunday | 11:00 | Online via ZOOM

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November 22

Susan Abulhawa on her new novel ‘Against the Loveless World’

In cooperation with the book club Palestine Writes Back
hosted by Shuruq Josting and Salma Shaka with special guest Ruth Abou Rached

Sunday | 18:00 CET | Online via Zooom

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December 11

Two short films by Mahasen Nasser-Eldin

Restored picture by Mahasen Nasser-Eldin

The Silent Protest: Jerusalem 1929 by Mhassen Nasser-Eldin

Sunday Dec. 13| 11:00 | Online Discussion via ZOOM

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January 12

Podcast / Concert: Between Maqam and Harmony

Bakr Khleifi in a talk-cum-concert

Podcast / Concert on Demand  | Audio-Streaming Platforms

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February 5

Film: A Magical Substance Flows Into Me

‘A Magical Substance Flows Into Me’ by Jumana Manna

Friday 5, 17:00 – Sunday 7, 24:00 | Online via Vimeo

February 12

Film: Recollection

‘Recollection’ by Kamal Aljafari

Friday Feb12, 17:00 to Sunday  Feb14, 24:00  CET | Online via Vimeo

Artist Talk Sun 14 Feb 2021 | 17:00  CET| Online via ZOOM

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March 5

Feature Film: Speed Sisters


Speed Sisters by Amber Fares


Friday 5, 17:00 to Sunday 7, 24:00| Via Vimeo

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March 8

Panel: Feminism at the Intersections


Feminism at the Intersections
of Occupation, Patriarchy, and Coloniality

Monday  | 19:00 | Online via ZOOM

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March 12

Feature Film: Amreeka


Amreeka by Cherien Dabis


Friday 17:00 to Sunday  24:00 | Via Vimeo

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May 18

Exhibition Opening ‘Eyes of Gaza’ in Berlin

Photography Exhibition Opening In Berlin

Tuesday  | 18:00 | Online From Forum Factory Berlin
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May 20

Parkour – Talk

Parkour in Palestine

A Talk with Parkour Artist Ihab Dawoud

Thursday | 20:00  | Online: Live from Forum Factory

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May 22

Panel: Orientalizing the Holy Land

Early Western Christian Travelers’ Representation of Palestine and Its Contribution to The Image of Palestine Today

Saturday  | 14:00 | Online – Live from Forum Factory Berlin

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May 23

Parkour – Workshop

Parkour in Palestine

A Workshop with Parkour Artist Ihab Dawoud

Sunday | 13:00  | Amphitheater Mauerpark

June 12

Concert: Between Maqam and Harmony

Between Maqam and Harmony

Bakr Khleifi on Oud with Roshanak Rafani on Tombak

Saturday | 16:00  | Interkulturanstalten / Ulme 35

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